Transgender Predators Run Rampant in Wisconsin Prisons

In a shocking revelation, documents obtained by The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project have uncovered a disturbing truth about Wisconsin’s prisons. It turns out that over half of the men identifying themselves as “transgender women” housed in these facilities have been convicted of sexual assault.

According to the records, out of the 161 men who believe they are women, a staggering 81 individuals (that’s 50.3 percent!) have been found guilty of committing heinous acts such as Sexual Assault of a Child, Sexual Exploitation of a Child, and even Bestiality. It’s truly sickening to think that these criminals are allowed to claim a transgender identity while wreaking havoc behind bars.

The liberal agenda of accommodating such offenders in women’s facilities is not only morally bankrupt but also a laughing stock on the world stage. Mike Howell, director of the Oversight Project, couldn’t have put it more clearly: “Men belong with men and men only in prison.” It’s high time we prioritize the safety of law-abiding citizens over the reckless and misguided agenda of those who advocate for this abhorrent practice.

What’s deeply alarming is the growing trend of housing biological males in women’s prisons, not just in the United States but also in countries like the United Kingdom. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) has, unsurprisingly, remained tight-lipped about whether it engages in this dangerous practice. This evasiveness only serves as an affirmation of the urgent need for transparency and accountability within our prison systems.

Furthermore, this issue is not isolated to Wisconsin alone. Townhall has previously reported on cases where male murderers identifying as “transgender” have capitalized on the opportunity to prey on vulnerable women in women’s prisons. Let’s be clear: these individuals are not seeking freedom or self-expression; they are simply exploiting a system that prioritizes political correctness over the safety and well-being of its female inmates.

Last year, a chilling incident at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in New Jersey further highlighted the dangers of housing biological males with female prisoners. Demi Minor, a male prisoner claiming transgender identity, impregnated two female inmates. Dr. Wanda Broach-Butts, Minor’s former foster mother, rightly believes that this was a calculated ploy by a psychopathic individual to manipulate the system and gain access to vulnerable women.

It’s high time we halt this moral decline and put an end to the absurdity of accommodating sexual predators in women’s prisons under the guise of transgender identity. The safety of our communities should always take precedence over the whims and fancies of those who seek to redefine reality. Truly, there is no room for degenerate sexual behavior within the walls of our correctional facilities.

Written by Staff Reports

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