Trump Brands Chris Christie a ‘Savage Maniac’ in GOP Showdown

Former President Donald Trump took aim at his longtime adversary, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night. Trump didn’t hold back, describing Christie as a “savage maniac” and a “lunatic” who solely focused on attacking him. Trump also criticized Christie’s low poll numbers, claiming they were “very, very low.”

It’s no secret that Christie has been highly critical of Trump during the 2024 Republican primary race. This has clearly had an impact on his poll numbers, which Trump was quick to point out. However, it’s worth noting that while Trump claimed Christie had only 2% support in the polls, he actually has 3% according to a RealClearPolitics poll average. In comparison, Trump himself is polling at a commanding 55.4%.

Trump revealed that he never trusted Christie enough to give him a job, despite their previous friendly relationship. This, Trump believes, is one of the reasons why Christie has felt hurt and betrayed. It’s worth mentioning that although Christie endorsed Trump in 2016 and played important roles in his campaign, he never secured the coveted positions of attorney general or vice president.

Interestingly, Trump’s interview with Carlson aired at the same time as the Republican National Committee’s first primary debate, seemingly aimed at stealing attention away from his rivals. This move could be seen as a snub to both the RNC and Fox News.

Overall, this interview highlights the ongoing tensions within the Republican Party and the personal animosity between Trump and Christie. It also underscores Trump’s continued dominance in the polls, showing that he still holds a powerful position within the party.

Written by Staff Reports

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