Trump Challenges Biden to Impromptu New York Debate

Former President Donald Trump has challenged President Joe Biden to a debate after Biden mentioned his willingness to debate Trump on a talk show. Trump called out Biden on Truth Social, saying he’s ready to debate “ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE” and even suggested having the debate at a courthouse in New York City, where both of them were at the time.

There’s been speculation that Biden was in New York City for an interview with Howard Stern, which led Trump to demand a debate that same day. However, it seems that Biden had already returned to the White House, sparking criticism and claims of avoiding questions and distracting from age concerns.


Despite Trump’s willingness to debate, it’s noted that he did not take part in any of the five Republican primary debates. Nevertheless, he easily secured the GOP presidential nomination. The two candidates debated twice during the 2020 election cycle, with Biden gaining favor in voter polls after each debate.

The upcoming general election debates are scheduled, and Trump’s call for an impromptu debate seems to be an unexpected challenge. It remains to be seen whether Biden will respond to Trump’s call for a spontaneous debate in New York City.

Written by Staff Reports

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