Trump Crushes in Nevada: Opponents Left in the Dust

Former President Donald Trump dominated the Nevada caucus, leaving his opponents in the dust. With a whopping 97.6% of the early share from Republican caucusgoers, Trump showed that his support is alive and well. Meanwhile, businessman Ryan Binkley could only muster a measly 2.4% – a clear demonstration of the utter lack of enthusiasm for his campaign.

It’s not surprising that Trump came out on top in Nevada. After all, the state’s Republican Party decided to stick with its tried-and-true caucus process, rather than the state-run primary that former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley couldn’t even win. It’s clear that the residents of Nevada know a winner when they see one.

But it wasn’t just the Republican Party leaders who were backing Trump. Even Nevada’s Republican governor and lieutenant governor, Joe Lombardo and Stavros Anthony, endorsed Trump and pledged to vote for “None of These Candidates” on Tuesday. It’s a good thing they didn’t waste their votes on the lackluster options they had, because in the end, Trump was the obvious choice.

And let’s not forget about the embarrassing performance of the Democratic primary. President Joe Biden may have won the Democratic nomination in Nevada, but he only managed to secure 90% of the vote – a far cry from Trump’s overwhelming support. It just goes to show that even within his own party, Biden can’t manage to inspire the kind of fervor that Trump effortlessly generates.

It seems that Haley’s chances are dwindling. In her home state of South Carolina, where the next nominating contest is set to take place, she is trailing Trump by over 30 points. It’s clear that even Republicans in South Carolina have recognized Trump’s unmatched ability to lead and have thrown their support behind him. Haley’s campaign is simply no match for the Trump train.


Written by Staff Reports

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