Trump Crushes Rivals: GOP’s Unstoppable Force in 2024 Race

Former President Donald Trump dominates the 2024 Republican race, much to the chagrin of Never Trumpers everywhere. Despite his overwhelming support among Republicans, there are rumblings of division within the party. Enter Nikki Haley, a perennial loser in the primaries but a darling among independents and disaffected Republicans who refuse to fall in line behind Trump.

According to a conservative commentator, Trump’s failure to reach 70% in a primary is somehow seen as a blow, ignoring the fact that he consistently exceeds 90% support from his own party. And let’s not forget that he is leading among independents as well, despite the media’s attempt to spin a different narrative.

However, it seems that some independent voters are flocking to Haley, particularly college-educated white suburban women who are still bitter from Trump’s victory in 2016. These “Never Trump” voters are using the primaries as an opportunity to vent their frustrations and oppose Trump once again.

It’s no surprise that these disaffected voters might give Haley a boost in head-to-head matchups against Biden, but let’s remember that Trump is still leading in the polls, especially in battleground states. The media loves to stir the pot and exaggerate the level of disunity within the Republican Party, but at the end of the day, Trump remains the frontrunner.

Despite the reality that Trump continues to unify the Republican Party and maintain a competitive edge, the media seems intent on painting a different picture. It’s clear that Trump’s rivals are using any opportunity to cast doubt on his strength within the party, but their efforts may be in vain as Trump’s resilience and popularity show no signs of waning.

Written by Staff Reports

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