Biden’s Michigan Meltdown: Dems’ Dire Ditching in Primaries

Tuesday in the Michigan primary, His Fraudulency Joe Biden was subjected to a profoundly humiliating evening. More than one hundred thousand Democrats opted for the "uncommitted" candidate rather than the incumbent president; this certainly demonstrates how unpopular Biden is!

Biden emerged victorious in the primary with a meager 618,006 votes, or 81.1 percent of the total vote, after 95 percent of the ballots were tallied; this represents an abject performance for an incumbent. It merely demonstrates that not even his own party has faith in old Joe.

Still, the situation worsens for Sleepy Joe. Votes that are "uncommitted" amount to an astounding 16 percent of Biden's total tally. Indeed, sixteen percent of his own party members could not muster the courage to cast a ballot in his favor! If Democrats are unable to support him, it is truly inconceivable whether he can win this crucial swing state in the impending presidential election.

Furthermore, it is crucial to not overlook the Republican perspective. A mere 33,383 Republicans cast "uncommitted" ballots, which accounts for a mere four percent of the 756,636 seats won by Donald Trump. That appears inconsequential in comparison to the immense opposition Biden encountered.

However, there is more! In the Republican primary in Michigan, former President Trump dominated with 756,636 total votes, surpassing Biden's vote total by approximately 140,000 raw ballots. In fact, the number of ballots cast for President Trump in Michigan surpassed the combined total of all Democratic primary votes. It appears that the blue wall may be painted crimson in November.

To add insult to injury, Biden's performance in general election polls is not encouraging. According to the RealClearPolitics average of Michigan polls, Trump has a substantial 5.1-point lead over Hunter's Dad (47.1 to 42 percent). Biden has not held the lead in a Michigan poll since October, while Trump has done so in the previous eight.

Not to mention the Arab vote in Michigan either. Biden is encountering significant challenges in that regard, as an astounding 56% of the vote in Dearborn was written in "uncommitted." Ouch! It is abundantly evident that Biden and the Democrats are rapidly losing support.

However, the true kicker in this is… The Democrats and Joe Biden are amicably courting anti-Semitic members of the Arab community. They have alienated the majority of Americans who support Israel by doing so. After Hamas' atrocities, Biden was forced to appear to support Israel; however, he is now bearing the consequences of his dealings with the devil.

Biden must grovel before some genuinely evil individuals in order to secure re-election; however, doing so could cost him the support of ordinary, respectable citizens. The Democratic Party has prioritized extremists, perverts, and bigots over the general public, and Biden is now paying the price, at least in Michigan.

The road ahead for His Fraudulency Joe Biden appears to be rocky, and the current state of affairs does not bode well for him. It appears that Trump may have a legitimate chance at winning Michigan in the upcoming election.

Written by Staff Reports

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