Trump Drops Lawsuits: Calculated Move or Cowardice?

Former President Donald Trump has recently employed a strategic maneuver by withdrawing two lawsuits, a move that could prove advantageous both for his financial interests and campaign schedule. One of these suits targeted his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, accusing him of fiduciary and contractual breaches, primarily related to his book publications and media interviews discussing the alleged hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels. Cohen, who holds a key position as a witness in a criminal case involving Trump, criticized this lawsuit as a form of "retaliatory intimidation." Trump's decision to withdraw the suit led Cohen to assert that it was a calculated effort to evade truthful testimony.

While Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, insinuated that Trump's move stemmed from apprehension, a spokesperson for Trump maintained that the claims against Cohen remained valid. According to the spokesperson, President Trump needed to focus on other legal matters and his campaigning activities, prompting the temporary pause of the suit. This statement underscores Trump's dedication to counter what he deems baseless allegations from various legal jurisdictions.

In addition to dropping the lawsuit against Cohen, Trump also opted to retract another lawsuit lodged against Judge Arthur Engoron, who presides over a civil fraud case brought against Trump by New York Attorney Letitia James. The lawsuit asserted that Engoron had disregarded an appeals court order, but it has now been abandoned.

These decisions by Trump to discontinue the lawsuits illustrate his strategic acumen and his commitment to prioritize his campaign activities and legal disputes. Detractors may attempt to portray this as an act of fear or vulnerability, but it is evident that Trump is making calculated choices to safeguard his interests. As a conservative, it is heartening to witness a leader who remains unafraid to take the reins and adapt his legal strategies to serve his overarching objectives. These withdrawn lawsuits constitute a small facet of Trump's broader legal battle, and it will be intriguing to observe how he continues to navigate the complex legal landscape.

Written by Staff Reports

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