Biden’s Dog Booted Out: White House Bites Back!

Due to his aggressive behavior, Commander has been relocated away from the White House. It appears that Commander has quite a bite, having been involved in at least 11 biting incidents with staff and Secret Service members. Maybe he's just trying to protect the country from any potential liberal ideas, who knows?

First Lady Jill Biden’s spokesperson, Elizabeth Alexander, confirmed that Commander is “not presently on the White House campus.” While she didn't disclose Commander's exact location, one can only hope he's receiving some much-needed obedience training far away from innocent souls.

It's no secret that the White House can be a stressful environment, but isn't that what the Bidens signed up for? If Commander can't handle the pressure, maybe he should try something less demanding, like a doggie daycare or maybe even a farm where he can chase some chickens. But the White House? That's reserved for strong and stable creatures, like the American people.

Interestingly enough, Commander isn't the first Biden dog to be sent elsewhere. Major, another German Shepherd, was relocated to live with family members in Delaware after he bit several staff members shortly after Joe Biden took office. I guess President Biden's idea of unifying the nation is by bringing in dogs that attack people. What's next, a cat that swats you whenever you disagree with Joe's policies?

Perhaps it's time to question if a German Shepherd is suitable for a place like the White House. With so many people coming and going, some with the task of protecting the President and his family, it's no wonder these dogs are on edge. Maybe the Bidens should consider a cuddly little lap dog instead – something that won't frighten the hardworking staff or make them pray for an immediate evacuation.

While Commander is off finding himself and hopefully learning to control his temper, First Lady Jill Biden made a trip to Wisconsin to campaign for her husband. She attended a "Crucial Catch" NFL watch party, promoting cancer detection and screening. I guess she wants to divert the American people's attention from the biting fiasco happening back at home by discussing something worthwhile. It's a classic political tactic, if you ask me.

Wisconsin is a crucial swing state, and the Democrats are desperately trying to maintain any gains they can. But let's be real – Wisconsin is turning blue because the state is beginning to embrace liberal policies. If Biden's numbers are upside down in the state, then perhaps it's time to reconsider his disastrous agenda. Just saying.

As the 2024 election approaches, both Joe Biden and his opponents will focus their efforts on swing states like Wisconsin. It's a strategic move, but if Biden's track record is any indication, it won't end well for him. The American people are awakening to his unfulfilled promises and empty rhetoric. No number of dog bites or fancy campaigns can salvage his sinking ship. Good luck, Biden. You're going to need it.

Written by Staff Reports

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