Trump Exposes Docs Case Double Standard: Clinton Privilege!

Former President Donald Trump is brushing off the possibility of facing jail time in four different criminal cases, declaring that he is more focused on fighting for the people and the country. Speaking on “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, Trump expressed confidence in his ability to win the 2024 election, citing his strong poll numbers. Despite facing charges in federal cases related to his handling of classified documents and his challenge of the 2020 election results, Trump dismissed these charges as “fake crimes” orchestrated by the Biden Department of Justice.

Trump argued that he had the authority to decide which records he could keep, referencing the Presidential Records Act of 1978. He claimed that when he possessed these documents, they automatically became unclassified, regardless of their original classification. Trump pointed to a similar case involving recordings made by President Bill Clinton, where a federal judge ruled that he had the authority to determine which records were personal and which were presidential.

Expressing anger at the double standard he perceives, Trump highlighted Hillary Clinton’s destruction of documents while under subpoena. Despite these actions, she was not charged. Trump noted that the American people are aware of this double standard and are not standing for it. The former president’s strong poll numbers indicate continued support from Republican voters, with a commanding lead over other potential GOP primary candidates.

Lastly, Trump voiced concerns over the integrity of American elections, emphasizing claims of crooked and rigged elections, as well as open borders. He believes that the country is in trouble and that the voters may not have full control over the election results. Overall, Trump remains confident in his ability to fight for the people and win the election, despite the legal challenges he faces.

Written by Staff Reports

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