Biden’s Bizarre Speech: False Claims & Pharma Dreams Amid Scandalous Chaos

Following Hunter Biden's indictment, Biden delivered a bizarre and questionable speech, which was fitting for Joe. Lately, the president has been getting a lot of flak for spreading untrue claims, such as his claim that he was able to visit Ground Zero immediately following the 9/11 attacks.

In his speech in Maryland, Biden claimed that Americans would pay around 20 to 40 percent less for drugs than other nations. He then tried to convince people that the same medication could be purchased from the same company.

In addition to that, Biden also decided to wrap up the discussion by expressing regret for not being able to answer all the questions that would have been asked of him. He might have been better off just avoiding the more difficult ones.

What caught the attention of Biden was his claim that the US was under attack. He claimed that he taught at the University Of Pennsylvania for four years and that he was a political theory professor. However, according to the records, he never taught a single class at the university. This is another example of why Biden needs a fact-checker.

The president's speech was full of controversial and extreme statements. It came at a bad time for his administration, as the consequences of Hunter Biden's indictment are already affecting the president's political and legal status. Moreover, the impeachment proceedings against him are also swirling around. It's a wonder Biden decided to deliver a speech at all.

It's clear that Biden's tendency to make false claims and exaggerations is still going strong. Americans need a leader who can put the interests of the country first and can separate fiction from fact. Someone who can be honest, competent, and transparent. It's time for the president to step back and start focusing on the country's well-being.

Written by Staff Reports

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