Trump Faces Biden’s Biased Debate Rules on CNN

In a recent article, it was discussed whether former President Trump made the right choice by agreeing to the debate rules set by President Biden for their upcoming debate. Some critics were quick to point out that the rules, format, and chosen moderators, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, favored Biden. The debate was set to have mics turned off, two commercial breaks, no audience, no opening statements, and strict enforcement of timing and decorum.

Critics questioned why Trump would agree to such a setup on CNN, a network known for its biased coverage. Some sources even suggested that the White House was attempting to renegotiate the rules to allow Biden to sit during the debate, raising concerns about potential favoritism.

One major point of contention was the shortened duration of the debate, slated for only 60 minutes instead of the usual 90. This raised eyebrows as Biden’s appearances are often kept short due to concerns about his energy levels declining after about an hour, a phenomenon known as the sundowner effect.

However, some conservative voices suggested that this rigged debate setup could work to Trump’s advantage. They proposed that Trump could use the oppressive rules as a platform to showcase his resilience and determination against stacked odds. By turning the tables on the establishment and emphasizing his willingness to fight for America, Trump could potentially deliver a powerful message to the audience.

The key, according to some conservatives, would be for Trump to prepare thoroughly and deliver a performance that resonates with the American people. While there are concerns about Trump’s consistency in debate performances, proponents of this approach believe that a strong showing could leave a lasting impact on voters.

In the end, the debate setup may present challenges for Trump, but it also offers him a unique opportunity to defy expectations and reaffirm his commitment to the American people. Whether this strategy will prove successful remains to be seen, but it highlights the importance of preparation and delivering a memorable performance in such high-stakes political events.

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