Amazon’s Big Failures: Liberal Media’s Darling Isn’t As Flawless As They Claim

The liberal media wants you to think that Amazon is some kind of perfect, flawless corporation, but let’s face it, that’s not the case. Sure, they like to tout themselves as “geniuses,” but it turns out that they make mistakes. National Review’s Dominic Pino has it right when he says that Amazon is run by “geniuses who do [screw up], and who understand when something isn’t working.”

It’s about time someone called out Amazon for their slip-ups. We all remember when they tried to force that ridiculous “Amazon Fire Phone” on us. Talk about a total flop! And let’s not forget about the whole HQ2 debacle that played out like a bad reality TV show. Amazon may have deep pockets, but that doesn’t mean they always make the smartest moves.

The truth is, Amazon is just like any other big tech company – they mess up, and that’s okay. What’s important is recognizing when things aren’t working and making it right. So, next time you hear the liberal media fawning over Amazon, remember that even the so-called “geniuses” there have their fair share of blunders.

Written by Staff Reports

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