Trump Fraud Verdict: O’Leary Slams “Loser States,” Eyes Oklahoma

In a shocking turn of events, a whopping $350 million decision has been made against former President Donald Trump in a civil fraud case. This news has certainly ruffled some feathers, including those of Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, aka “Mr. Wonderful.” O’Leary, never one to shy away from giving his two cents, found the ruling downright outrageous. And honestly, can you blame him?

O’Leary, known for his no-nonsense approach, pointed out the sheer absurdity of the case. According to him, every single developer on the planet engages in painting their properties in the best possible light. It’s just par for the course in the real estate world. So, why single out Trump? O’Leary rightly questioned. It’s like targeting one guy at a buffet for taking more than his fair share of shrimp – when everyone else is doing the same!

And when the decision on the mind-boggling damage award came through, O’Leary didn’t hold back. He expressed his disbelief on Fox News, calling the ruling unfathomable. He even went as far as to label New York and California as “loser states” due to their unfavorable policies and now, this extra layer of legal drama.

O’Leary made it crystal clear – he’s taking his investments elsewhere. He highlighted how even a state like Oklahoma seemed more appealing now, thanks to its friendlier atmosphere towards businesses. And let’s talk about this so-called lack of victims in the case – a massive penalty of $355 million plus interest at 9% with no one losing out? It just doesn’t add up, folks!

With O’Leary leading the charge, it’s evident that the decision against Trump isn’t just a blow to him but a red flag for potential investors eyeing New York. It’s decisions like these that make people question if there’s a political vendetta at play. And with businesses potentially feeling the heat, Governor Kathy Hochul’s reassurances might fall on deaf ears this time.

In the end, as the dust settles, one thing’s for sure – New York might just find itself losing out on some big opportunities if it continues down this rocky legal path. And O’Leary? Well, he’s already decided that the Empire State isn’t where he wants to park his cash. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but hey, that’s the price you pay when you mess with the big dogs in the real estate game.

Written by Staff Reports

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