Trump Gains Black Voter Support, CNN Speechless!

CNN’s Poppy Harlow and her panel were left dumbfounded when confronted with the shocking reality of former President Donald Trump’s growing popularity among black voters. A recent New York Times/Siena College poll revealed that Trump is actually leading President Biden in four out of five swing states. This news undoubtedly shatters the liberal narrative that Trump’s support among minority communities is non-existent.

To make matters worse for Biden, the poll also exposed a major confidence gap when it comes to handling the economy. It turns out that a vast majority of voters prefer the economic policies championed by the former president. This comes as no surprise to conservatives who have long recognized the success of Trump’s pro-growth initiatives, which enabled businesses to thrive and created jobs for hardworking Americans.

But perhaps the most jarring revelation for the left was the significant spike in Trump’s approval rating among black voters. While Biden struggles to maintain their support with a paltry 22 percent, Trump has managed to secure a remarkable increase from the 10 percent he received in the 2020 election. This should serve as a wake-up call to Democrats who took the black community for granted, assuming their allegiance was guaranteed.

Unsurprisingly, the CNN panel could not help but express their disbelief at this turn of events. Poppy Harlow and Natasha Alford struggled to comprehend the idea that a Republican frontrunner could garner such support from black voters, especially in the “modern era.” Well, perhaps it’s time for them to accept that Trump’s policies spoke to the economic aspirations and values of many Americans, regardless of race.

Natasha Alford attempted to downplay the significance of these findings, suggesting that black voters had merely settled for Biden as a means to save democracy. She pointed to economic factors, such as lack of wage growth and rising costs of living, as reasons why Biden’s “Bidenomics” had failed to resonate with the black community. It’s a shame that Alford failed to recognize how Biden’s own policies have contributed to these economic struggles, from stifling regulations to massive spending sprees.

This recent poll is just one of many indications that Biden’s approval rating among black voters is in a downward spiral. An ABC poll conducted earlier this year revealed a net decrease of 35 percentage points in his approval rating within this crucial demographic. It’s clear that Trump’s message of economic empowerment and conservative values continues to resonate with black voters, even in the face of relentless attacks from the liberal media.

The left needs to come to terms with the fact that their grip on minority communities is loosening. Trump’s increasing approval rating among black voters serves as a powerful reminder that conservative principles can unite and uplift all Americans, regardless of their background. It’s time for the Democrats to abandon their identity politics and start focusing on policies that actually benefit the American people as a whole.

Written by Staff Reports

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