Trump Hits Biden for Silence on Columbia Univ Pro-Palestinian Takeover

Former President Donald Trump criticized the lack of attention from President Joe Biden for the anti-Semitic, pro-Palestinian protesters who forcefully entered and occupied a building at Columbia University in New York. 


The demonstrators broke into Hamilton Hall and hung a large banner reading “Intifada,” referring to the Palestinians’ violent uprising against Israel. Reports indicated up to 60 protesters were inside the building, blockading doors and causing significant damage.

Trump questioned whether the protesters would face the same consequences as those involved in the Jan. 6, 2021, incident at the Capitol, expressing concern about the lack of attention from the Biden administration. Trump pointed out that the current president did not seem capable of making a forceful statement on the campus demonstrations.

GOP senators also pressed Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on the issue, expressing concern about the reports of anti-Semitism and questioning whether Jewish students felt safe on campus. They urged Cardona and Attorney General Merrick Garland to use their authority to protect Jewish students and restore order on college campuses.

The Biden administration has faced criticism for aggressively prosecuting those involved in the Capitol incursion while seemingly downplaying or ignoring other incidents of violence or unrest, such as the Columbia University protests. Trump’s comments and the focus on the lack of attention from the Biden administration highlight a growing concern among conservatives about the perceived unequal treatment of political events and the protection of American values.

Written by Staff Reports

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