Trump Promises 2024 Payback for Unjust Prosecution Harassment

Former President Donald Trump is laying out his plan to get back at President Biden's Justice Department for the way it has harassed him. Trump says that Democrats wouldn't be going after him if they were sure they could beat him in the 2024 race for president. Trump says, "In 2024, it will be our turn!" It looks like he wants to get even, and he's not afraid to say so.

President Biden has made it clear that he wants the Justice Department to go after Trump, especially for what happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Biden thinks that Trump is a threat to democracy and that he should be brought to justice. It's been clear for a while that they want to go after Trump.

It's interesting that Trump's latest indictment came the day after Devon Archer, who used to work with Hunter Biden, said that President Biden was involved in schemes to sell his power. This convenient timing makes people wonder about political motives and whether Trump's charge is just a way to take attention away from the alleged wrongdoings of the Biden family.

Trump doesn't hold back when he talks about how frustrated and annoyed he is with the situation. He thinks that the place where his case is being heard and the court are not fair. He also criticises the way things are going in the country, saying, "We are a Nation in Decline." Trump's strong words show that he is determined and thinks he is being treated badly.

It's clear that Trump and Biden's fight is far from over. Trump says he won't go down without a fight and that he will get his own back in 2024. Time will tell how this political story plays out, but one thing is certain: tensions are high between these two powerful figures.

Written by Staff Reports

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