CBS News Fawns Over Jack Smith, Wall Panic Hits New Ridiculous Peak!

CBS News’ coverage of the third indictment against former President Donald Trump has come under scrutiny for its fangirling and biased reporting. Anchor Norah O’Donnell took the opportunity to gush about the special counsel, Jack Smith, who is leading the prosecution against Trump. O’Donnell described Smith as a man of “grit and determination” due to his participation in over 100 triathlons, even after being struck by a truck. The tone and remarks made by O’Donnell were absurd and showed a clear bias in favor of the prosecution.

This type of biased reporting is not surprising coming from CBS News and other mainstream media outlets. They have long abandoned any pretense of objectivity when it comes to reporting on Trump and the GOP. They consistently choose to cheerlead for one side while demonizing the other. It’s no wonder that trust in the media is at an all-time low.

The fangirling of Jack Smith is just another example of the media’s obsession with creating a narrative against Trump. They are willing to praise and elevate anyone who takes action against him, no matter how ridiculous or irrelevant their achievements may be. It’s a desperate attempt to convince the public that the walls are closing in on Trump, when in reality, it’s nothing more than biased reporting and wishful thinking.

It’s time for the mainstream media to reevaluate their approach to journalism. Instead of fawning over prosecutors and fueling partisan narratives, they should focus on reporting the facts and presenting multiple perspectives. The American people deserve better than this one-sided and sensationalized coverage. Until the media can demonstrate true objectivity and fairness, their credibility will continue to erode, and the public will look elsewhere for reliable news.

Written by Staff Reports

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