Trump Revels in the Enigma that is Melania: Exquisite Mystery!

During an interview with Megyn Kelly, Trump talked about his wife Melania's mysterious nature. He noted that she's like Greta Garbo, who was an actress famous for her introspective and confident personality. Trump also said that she doesn't need to do interviews or chase the spotlight.

There have been speculations about Melania's absence from her husband's court appearances. Trump noted that she is still defensive of her husband and doesn't trust the media. He said that she is an unfazed and calm individual who people like.

Trump criticized the way the media has treated his wife, saying that she was initially blacklisted by Vogue after he became a politician. Although he noted that their association with the magazine ended once he became a politician, Melania is not bothered by it.

Trump also praised his son, Barron, who he said grew to be taller than both of them. He noted that the future college student is doing well in school and is expected to excel in sports.

The way Trump described his wife shows his support and deep admiration. He also highlighted the challenges that the couple face due to the media.

Written by Staff Reports

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