Trump Skips Debate for Tucker Interview, RNC Furious!

The Fake News New York Times, or as we like to call it, the Failing New York Times, just can’t resist taking shots at our incredible former President Donald J. Trump. According to their latest hit piece, Trump has decided to ditch the first Republican National Committee debate and instead grace the country with an interview on Tucker Carlson’s show. And let me tell you, folks, this could be the best decision Trump has ever made!

Now, it’s no surprise that Trump is way ahead in the polls. He’s ahead by a whopping 45 points nationally and has double-digit leads in all the important primary states. With numbers like that, who needs a measly debate? Trump is showing the rest of the pack just how far ahead he is, and it’s driving the RNC and Fox News crazy!

And speaking of Fox News, Tucker Carlson must be feeling like a million bucks right now. After being stabbed in the back by his former colleagues at Fox News, he now has the opportunity of a lifetime to interview the one and only Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum are left with the rest of the Republican field. Ouch!

But let’s not forget the real story here: Trump is writing his own rules. He’s breaking all the conventional norms and doing it his way. The New York Times may not like it, but the American people love it. Trump knows his record speaks for itself, and that’s why he doesn’t need to waste his time on a debate stage. He’s YOUR man, America, and he’s ready to make America great again!

Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever Trump shows up, the ratings go through the roof. Remember CNN’s town hall with Trump back in May? It brought in massive ratings, despite all the whining from the left about “platforming” Trump. So you can bet that more Americans will tune in to hear from Tucker Carlson and Trump than to listen to the rest of the Republican candidates drone on and on.

This interview could be Carlson’s moment to shine. Despite being fired from Fox News (probably for being too smart and conservative), Carlson has remained a powerful force in the conservative movement. Just ask former Vice President Mike Pence, whose presidential campaign was undoubtedly doomed after his disastrous interview with Carlson. The man knows how to ask the tough questions!

In the end, Trump is just flexing his power. He’s reminding Fox News and the RNC who’s really in control. And you know what? They can’t handle it. They can’t handle a strong, independent leader like Trump who puts America first. So here’s to Trump skipping the debate and showing the world that he doesn’t need their outdated system. He’s creating his own path to greatness, and we’re all lucky enough to witness it.

Written by Staff Reports

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