Trump Slams Speaker Pick Tom Emmer, Urges Supporters to Take Notice

The House GOP has voted for Tom Emmer to be their next speaker nominee, but it seems that Donald Trump is not too pleased about it. The conference has been struggling to secure the 217 votes needed to elect a speaker, and Emmer’s nomination hasn’t helped their cause. Trump took to Truth Social, his new favorite platform, to share his thoughts on Emmer, stating that he never respected the power of a Trump endorsement and that voting for him would be a mistake. As a conservative, it’s clear that Trump wants a strong Republican speaker who will support his MAGA agenda.

It’s worth noting that Trump’s guy in the House has always been Kevin McCarthy, and he endorsed McCarthy for speaker as soon as it seemed likely that Republicans would take over the House. However, McCarthy has thrown his support behind Emmer, claiming that he has been in the room for all the GOP’s successes and is the best candidate for the job. The Trump-McCarthy connection seems to be fraying, and it remains to be seen how this divide will affect the push for 217 votes.

As a conservative Republican, it’s disheartening to see such infighting within the party. The GOP needs to come together and focus on what the country needs most. It’s not about personal preferences or loyalty to a particular individual, it’s about advancing conservative policies and making America great again. Let’s hope that the House Republican Conference can find a way to unite and move forward.

Written by Staff Reports

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