Iranian Puppets Ambush US Forces in Syria with New Drone Onslaught!

The news broke that the U.S. has experienced more attacks from Iranian-backed proxies, and it appears that Joe Biden’s sudden departure from his Bidenomics event might be related. Of course, Biden couldn’t just quietly slip out without making a spectacle of it, announcing to everyone that he had to go to the “Situation Room.” It’s classic Biden, always stumbling and bumbling his way through.

But putting aside Biden’s gaffes, these drone attacks by Iranian proxies are a serious matter. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a group of Iranian-backed militias, claimed responsibility for using two drones to attack the al-Tanf garrison near the Jordanian and Iraqi borders. This garrison is a crucial location for transporting weapons to Hezbollah, and these attacks are part of a larger pattern of similar incidents targeting U.S. military bases.

It’s no secret that Biden’s response to these attacks has been weak. His lack of action and failure to send a clear message only invites more attacks. If this had happened under former President Trump, there would have been a swift and strong response, just like when he took out Iran’s Qassem Soleimani. But under the Biden administration, we’re seeing nothing but indecisiveness and inaction. It’s time for them to step up and protect our troops. Hopefully, the Iraqis will take some action in response to these attacks, because it doesn’t seem like Biden will.

Written by Staff Reports

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