Trump Team Scores Win, Grills GA Grand Jury Members

In a small victory that likely has Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis shaking in her boots, former President Donald Trump is vicariously celebrating. MSNBC, the media bastion of liberal bias, has begrudgingly acknowledged that the defense attorneys for Trump’s co-defendants, Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell, have been granted permission to conduct interviews with the grand jury members involved in the Georgia election case. Talk about turning the tables!

The purpose of these interviews is clear: Trump’s legal team wants to uncover any improprieties that may have occurred during the grand jury proceedings. If successful, this could seriously undermine the prosecution’s case, leaving the liberal elites in Fulton County scrambling to salvage their misguided attempt to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results.

Judge Scott McAfee, not one to succumb to the far-left agenda, issued an order granting the defense’s motion to interview willing former jurors. However, he didn’t hand them a complete victory. He partially denied their request to unseal and turn over all materials from the special purpose grand jury, showing a modicum of restraint in the face of liberal pressure.

The interviews with grand jurors will be supervised by the judge and limited to pre-approved questions. Of course, the prosecution will be allowed to be present, stifling any hopes of a fair and balanced fact-finding mission. Nonetheless, this is a significant step towards revealing the truth and exposing any wrongdoings committed by the prosecutors in their zealous pursuit of Trump and his associates.

Unsurprisingly, the liberal media is quick to downplay the importance of these interviews. MSNBC’s legal analysis mentions that any improprieties should be investigated, but it’s clear they’re not happy about it. The biased network acknowledges that the defense lawyers have the right to explore the grand jury proceedings but dismisses it as a general idea that prosecutors are likely unhappy with. Typical liberal spin.

The cherry on top of this victory is the accusation that prosecutors lied to the court and bullied the grand jurors into issuing indictments. Scott Grubman, attorney for Chesebro, called out prosecutor Dasha Young for her deceptive tactics. Grubman rightly pointed out that trusting Young’s word would be foolish, as she is determined to send innocent Americans like Chesebro to prison. It’s refreshing to see a conservative lawyer calling out the deceitful tactics employed by these liberal prosecutors.

In the end, this ruling provides hope that the truth will prevail. The defense lawyers now have a chance to reveal any improprieties and ensure that justice is served. The liberal elites in Fulton County may be feeling nervous, and rightfully so. Their attempts to silence Trump and his associates are being exposed, and America is watching. It’s time for the conservative voice to be heard, and this victory is just the beginning.

Written by Staff Reports

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