Trump Thrashes Biden 51-42% in New Poll, Dems Tremble

President Joe Biden may have squeaked out a victory against former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, but according to a recent poll, his popular vote win could be short-lived. A survey conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News found that Trump is now leading Biden with a substantial 51% to 42% advantage.

Not only does Trump have the upper hand in the poll, but Biden’s overall approval rating is dismal, coming in at a measly 37%. It seems that people are not pleased with how he’s handling his job, as a whopping 45% strongly disapprove of his performance. In contrast, Trump’s approval rating is 11 points higher, with 33% expressing strong approval.

While the Post acknowledges that their poll differs from other public surveys, suggesting that it may be an outlier, another poll conducted by J.L. Partners also found Trump ahead of Biden by one point. It seems that the tides have turned, and Trump is making a powerful comeback.\

According to James Johnson, co-founder of J.L. Partners, Trump’s surge in popularity can be attributed to his ability to maximize enthusiasm among Republicans and gain support from independents, black and Hispanic voters, and younger men. It’s a remarkable feat that has caught many by surprise and left Democrats with serious regrets.

The pollster also pointed out that Biden’s handling of the economy and concerns about his age are major factors contributing to his declining popularity. Despite economic growth figures and falling inflation, voters are not feeling the positive impact in their daily lives. Additionally, the Trump mugshot has caused doubt among independent voters about the legitimacy of the criminal prosecutions he faces.

In conclusion, it appears that the 2024 election may not be as secure for Biden as his supporters initially believed. Trump’s resurgence and Biden’s growing list of missteps have put the former president back in the spotlight. Democrats should be worried because the rematch they once thought was a surefire victory now seems like a potential disaster.


Written by Staff Reports

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