Trump Reveals: Vogue Puts Politics over Fashion, Snubs First Lady!

Vogue magazine has a history of featuring the wives of presidents on its cover, including First Lady Jill Biden and former First Lady Michelle Obama. However, former First Lady Melania Trump was snubbed by the magazine after her husband entered the White House. In a recent podcast interview with Megyn Kelly, former President Donald Trump explained that his wife was excluded from Vogue for political reasons, stating, “Once I ran for politics, that was the end of that.” Trump expressed his disappointment, pointing out that Melania had appeared on the cover of Vogue before they met and was friendly with Vogue editor Anna Wintour. He remarked, “And she was actually very friendly with Anna Wintour. But once I ran for politics, that was the end of that. And that’s OK.”

This biased behavior by Vogue further highlights the media’s liberal agenda and their disregard for conservative individuals. Melania Trump, with her business and fashion background, deserved to be recognized for her style and accomplishments. It is clear that Vogue’s decision to exclude her was purely political and based on their personal biases. However, Melania has proven time and time again that she does not let such slights affect her, stating that she “doesn’t care.” Her resilience and grace in the face of blatant discrimination are admirable.

Furthermore, former First Lady Melania Trump criticized Vogue’s bias during an interview on “Fox & Friends Weekend” last year. When asked about the magazine’s double standard in featuring Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama multiple times but not her, Melania voiced her frustration, saying, “They have likes and dislikes, and it’s so obvious.” It is evident that Vogue’s agenda-driven approach to selecting cover subjects undermines their credibility as a fashion magazine and showcases their disdain for conservative figures.

In regards to Melania’s role in the upcoming campaign, Donald Trump mentioned in an interview with NBC that she will appear on the campaign trail “pretty soon,” emphasizing that she will join when it’s appropriate. It is no surprise that Melania prefers to stay away from the political arena, as she values her privacy and is disheartened by the “nasty and mean” nature of the political landscape. Her decision to engage at the right time speaks to her wisdom and integrity.

Once again, we see the biased treatment of conservative figures by the mainstream media. Melania Trump’s exclusion from Vogue and the magazine’s clear political bias only serve to further divide the country and perpetuate a culture of unfairness and discrimination. The Trumps deserve better, and the American people deserve a media that values fairness and impartiality.

Written by Staff Reports

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