Liberals Panic Over 2024: Democracy or Biden’s Failing Reign?

In a stunning display of obliviousness, liberals are once again crying foul and claiming that “democracy” is under threat because they can’t guarantee that Joe Biden will secure re-election. The left-wing publication Slate has recently come out with a melodramatic and, dare I say, ridiculous piece about the upcoming 2024 election and the supposed disappearance of “norms” – a never-ending whine among left-wing authoritarians.

The article showcases the growing panic on the left that Biden might not be strong or popular enough to fend off what they so dramatically label as a “fascist rising.” According to the author, absolutely nothing about the upcoming year will be normal because of the slim possibility that someone they deem an “insurrectionist” could return to power.

The author, Christina Cauterucci, paints a picture of a dangerous and surreal election cycle. But let’s be real here, the actual danger lies in the fact that Biden has done an absolutely terrible job running the country, and the plummeting poll numbers reflect that reality.

Yet, instead of facing the consequences of their failed leadership, liberals have chosen to blame everyday Americans who are struggling to afford gas prices. It’s as if they don’t realize that the fate of democracy hangs in the balance!

Tom Nichols, a self-proclaimed expert on democracy, recently responded to a shocking poll that reveals Donald Trump leading Sleepy Joe by ten points. Nichols, like many liberal pundits, took the opportunity to lecture voters with ultimatums. Either you support Biden and “democracy” or you’re an enemy of the state, according to them.

Of course, uncertainty is a natural part of any democratic election. But what liberals really want is a predetermined outcome where they are guaranteed victory every single time. They yearn for a scripted play where they, the self-proclaimed “good guys,” always triumph.

They dream of convicting Trump in a biased court, tossing him in jail, and conveniently removing him from the ballot altogether. Only then, they believe, will “democracy” be safe from the “deplorables” who refuse to conform to their agenda.

However, if their plan fails and Trump, the so-called “insurrectionist,” wins in 2024, I can guarantee that liberals’ heads will explode. The aftermath of the 2016 election will look like a walk in the park compared to the hysteria that will ensue. But hey, wouldn’t that be a sight to see?

Written by Staff Reports

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