Trump Trounces Biden in Polls: Youth Wave Backs The Donald!

A recent advertisement from a super PAC that aired in New Hampshire is generating considerable controversy by calling into doubt the electability of President Joe Biden and urging him to cede power to Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN). Commencing with a phrase extracted from the Inaugural Address of Former President John F. Kennedy in 1961, the Pass the Torch PAC advertisement evokes a sense of nostalgia.

However, there is more! The advertisement significantly escalates the situation by criticizing Biden, asserting that he is disheartened and even offering an apology for casting doubt on the Hamas death toll assertions. Ouch! The article continues by highlighting a New York Times-Siena College poll which indicates that in swing states including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada, former President Donald Trump leads Vice President Joe Biden. Biden would be wise to guard his back.

Furthermore, a recent Emerson College-WHDH survey of New Hampshire voters indicates that Biden would have the upper hand over Trump in a fictitious 2024 presidential matchup. Indeed, former Senate adviser to the late John McCain and current Pass the Torch PAC supporter Steve Schmidt is involved. This super PAC is serious about raising millions and has already spent more than $1 million on initial advertisements. Phillips, similarly unreserved, explicitly declares on X (previously referred to as Twitter) that while Schmidt assisted in initiating his campaign, he does not maintain an active role in it.

Phillips is also not idlely occupying himself with idle fingers. As he embarks on his Democratic presidential campaign, he endeavors to convince Biden to relinquish power in favor of a new generation of American leaders. Indeed, he is openly subverting Biden's position by announcing that he is the only viable Democratic candidate capable of securing victory. Further, Phillips is strategically placing advertisements in states such as Michigan and New Hampshire, where Biden is experiencing a decline in the surveys.

Things are certainly becoming more complicated in the political kitchen. Will Biden succumb to the pressure and turn over the torch? Time will tell as this intense confrontation develops.

Written by Staff Reports

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