“Trump Turns Tables: Asks Why DOJ Isn’t Investigating Biden’s Hefty Foreign Payoffs”

Former President Donald Trump recently posted an all-caps message on his Truth Social account in which he criticized Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is designated to manage Trump's case. Trump defended himself against allegations that he mishandled classified documents, but he instead vented his ire at President Joe Biden, or "Joe Bidden," as he called him. Trump suggested that Smith investigate Biden's offenses against the American people, including the extortion of millions and millions of dollars from foreign governments.

This message was sent after a breach of audio containing what appears to be Trump discussing classified documents he possessed was reported. The Biden administration has once again weaponized the Department of Justice in order to use the audio against the former president. It is not hard to envision how an anti-Trump Department of Justice was able to draft an indictment.

To defend his management of the documents, Trump cited the Presidential Records Act. Long is the list of allegations that Biden extorted millions of dollars from foreign governments. Hunter Biden, son of the President, has been scrutinized for using his family name to secure lucrative agreements with foreign nationals. As Vice President, Biden benefited from these agreements.

The recent disclosure of Hunter Biden-related WhatsApp messages obtained through a search warrant has opened the floodgates of scrutiny. The First Son received a no-jail-time plea agreement for gun and tax charges, but the DOJ and the U.S. Attorney in the case, David Weiss, may have conspired to mislead Congress by contradicting Attorney General Merrick Garland and even themselves.

While progressive media outlets attempt to disregard Trump's all-caps message as a typo, his message against the Biden administration is manifestly obvious. Biden's management of classified documents, to which Hunter had access, is also being investigated. The hashtag "Joe Bidden" has taken Twitter by storm, and the truth about the Biden family's offenses against the American public will soon be revealed.

Written by Staff Reports

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