Trump’s Debate Move: A Biden Alibi, Says McEnany! Tactical Blunder?

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany expressed her disapproval of former President Donald Trump’s decision to skip the first Republican primary debate. McEnany believes that this move could potentially benefit President Joe Biden and give him an excuse to avoid debating Trump. Moreover, she argued that by not showing up, Trump would allow his rivals to criticize him without being able to defend himself.

McEnany emphasized the significance of the debate, calling it the “biggest audience of any Republican event that we have seen this year.” By giving up the center podium, Trump would be allowing his opponents to have more time to share their stories and attack him relentlessly. McEnany believes that Trump’s absence would only fuel the attacks against him, as no one can respond to these attacks more effectively than the former president himself.

Taking it a step further, McEnany pointed out that Biden could potentially use Trump’s decision as an excuse to avoid debating altogether. She claimed that Biden could employ the “Trump debate standard” and proclaim that he is so far ahead in the polls that he doesn’t need to participate in any debates. This would give Biden an advantageous card to play against his opponent.

The first GOP debate will proceed without Trump, and his Republican rivals such as Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Tim Scott, and others will take the stage.

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