Trump’s Pick for House Speaker Revealed: This Will Shock You!

Former President Donald Trump has formally endorsed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) as the next Speaker of the House. Trump praised Jordan’s accomplishments, stating that he has been a star for a long time and is highly respected. He highlighted Jordan’s success in sports, including winning state championships in high school and becoming a two-time NCAA Division l Wrestling Champion in college.

Trump also emphasized Jordan’s strong stance on crime, border security, the military/veterans, and the Second Amendment. He described Jordan and his family as outstanding. With this endorsement, Trump believes that Jordan will be a great Speaker of the House.

This endorsement confirms what GOP Rep. Troy Nehls previously stated about Trump’s support for Jordan. Nehls mentioned that Trump believes Jordan has the best chance of uniting the party and becoming the Speaker. Trump’s comments come as he offered to serve as a temporary replacement if Republicans are unable to reach a consensus on a candidate after the removal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the post.

Trump mentioned that he has been asked to take on the role temporarily, as he has many friends in Congress and is seen as a unifier. He clarified that he is not doing it because he wants to, but rather, he will do it if necessary for the party until a longer-term replacement is found.

Written by Staff Reports

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