Tulsi Gabbard Spurns RFK Jr’s VP Flirtation, Stays True Patriot Path

Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard recently made a bold move, rejecting an offer to become Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate. Gabbard, who recently left the Democratic Party to become an independent warrior for freedom, told reporters that she turned down the proposition after meeting with Kennedy several times and building a strong friendship.

Gabbard, a patriot who always puts America first, did not elaborate on her reasons for declining the offer. However, her dedication to fighting for the American people is unquestionable. Meanwhile, Kennedy, a member of the Kennedy dynasty, announced Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. Shanahan, a 38-year-old donor, entrepreneur, and attorney, is set to advocate for the interests of millennials and Gen Z, as well as protecting our environment and getting harmful chemicals out of our food.

In a bold and patriotic move, Gabbard had previously expressed her openness to being former President Donald Trump’s running mate – a testament to her unwavering commitment to putting America first. Gabbard has been a vocal critic of the elitist warmongers who have overrun the Democratic Party with their dangerous woke agenda. She has called on Americans to join her in leaving the Democratic Party behind in her influential new book, “For Love of Country: Leave the Democrat Party Behind.”

Tulsi Gabbard’s strong principles and fearless determination to fight for the American people make her a formidable force in American politics. Her dedication to solving the nation’s problems and her unwavering commitment to freedom and prosperity make her a true patriot. As Gabbard continues to champion the cause of liberty, her impact on the political landscape is undeniable, and her message resonates with patriots across the nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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