UFC Ignores Fans, Partners with Woke Bud Light: Viewers Outraged!

The UFC is feeling the heat after their recent partnership with Bud Light and its parent company Anheuser-Busch. But it seems the company hasn’t learned its lesson from the boycotts it faced after its previous partnership with a liberal transgender influencer. You would think they would be more cautious about alienating their conservative viewer base, but apparently, they just can’t resist diving headfirst into the woke agenda.

UFC CEO Dana White defended the decision, claiming he knew there would be blowback but didn’t seem to care. He scoffed at critics, calling them “dummies” and insisting that all sponsorship deals are about money. Well, Dana, there’s a difference between making money and selling out your principles. It’s clear which one the UFC has chosen.

White tried to argue that the deal wasn’t about the money, but let’s be real here. Of course, it’s about the money! I mean, did Anheuser-Busch show up at his door with free beer? Doubtful. The reality is that the UFC could have chosen any number of sponsors, but they chose Bud Light, a brand that conservatives have been actively boycotting. It’s a slap in the face to their own viewership.

And the backlash has been swift. Conservatives have taken to social media to express their anger and disappointment. One user, Robby Starbuck, suggested that the UFC would have been better off “lighting the money on fire.” Ouch. Another sports media founder, Clay Travis, lamented the absence of Bud at his fall tailgating parties. It’s clear that these conservatives are not taking this partnership lightly.

But the UFC’s problems go beyond just angry viewers. Bud Light has been suffering from declining sales for years, and this partnership doesn’t seem likely to help. It’s no surprise that consumers are turning away from a brand that has embraced woke culture and alienated its conservative customer base. As a result, Bud Light has fallen from its throne as America’s top-selling beer and has even dropped out of the top 10 brands altogether. The decline in sales has had a ripple effect, causing job losses and uncertainty in ancillary industries.

It’s unfortunate to see a once-popular and respected organization like the UFC make such a tone-deaf decision. They had a chance to show their conservative viewers that they value their principles and beliefs. Instead, they chose to align themselves with a brand that has actively disregarded the concerns of their own customer base. Time will tell if the UFC can recover from this misstep, but one thing is clear: their conservative viewers won’t forget it anytime soon.

Written by Staff Reports

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