Unmasking DeSantis: His White House Run, Nothing More Than A Kamikaze Quest!

Ron DeSantis’ White House quest was nothing more than a political suicide mission aimed at an aircraft carrier, according to conservative writer Neil W. McCabe. The story begins with the fallout between DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, which only deepened over time. Despite Trump’s offer to endorse DeSantis and campaign with him, the Florida governor dismissed the idea.

DeSantis’ 2022 reelection win was impressive, but it was against a weak opponent and with the help of hurricanes that put him in the media spotlight. His landslide victory cannot be easily translated into a successful national presidential campaign. Additionally, with Trump running for another term in 2024, DeSantis becomes a lame duck as soon as he is sworn in, which means other Republicans with White House ambitions would likely rally around Trump to block DeSantis. Plus, DeSantis would struggle to convert enough diehard Trump voters to win the general election. McCabe suggests that DeSantis should have focused on building his national stature as the successful governor of Florida and waited until 2028 to run for president.

Written by Staff Reports

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