UNRWA’s Dark Tunnels: Hamas Puppet Exposed by IDF Raid!

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has been caught red-handed supporting Islamic terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza, a long-standing fact that has finally come to light. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) uncovered a complex tunnel network beneath the UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters, complete with a high-tech data center and electricity cables directly linked to the agency’s power supply. This discovery serves as damning evidence of UNRWA’s complete infiltration by Hamas, with reports surfacing that a significant portion of UNRWA employees in Gaza are operatives of Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

This isn’t just an isolated incident of UNRWA turning a blind eye to terrorism; the agency’s staff has also been found promoting terrorism and antisemitism on social media. It’s clear that UNRWA has become a puppet for Hamas and is incapable of carrying out its humanitarian duties impartially in the region.

But the aiding and abetting of terrorists isn’t limited to UNRWA alone. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been complicit in funding Hamas-linked charities, funneling nearly $1 million of taxpayer money to a group in Gaza closely affiliated with the Hamas regime. Administrator Samantha Powers of USAID is currently under scrutiny for this irresponsible allocation of funds, with calls for a swift replacement of UNRWA by more trustworthy organizations.

The moral bankruptcy of UNRWA has prompted Congress to take decisive action, prohibiting funding for the agency in 2025. Republican Senator Jim Risch has emphasized the urgency of severing ties with UNRWA and accelerating the transition to reliable implementers in the region. It’s evident that hoping UNRWA will undergo a miraculous transformation is futile, and the time has come to act swiftly.

Meanwhile, some Republican senators are vehemently opposing continued aid to the Gaza Strip while Hamas continues to hold hostages, including Americans, after provoking a war. They argue that Israel has no obligation to provide aid to Gaza, drawing a parallel to the lack of aid provided to Germany or Japan during World War II. They view the Biden administration’s efforts as undermining Israel and are pushing for a halt to aid until the hostage situation is resolved.

Written by Staff Reports

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