US Army Hunts for Unvaccinated Heroes as Global Conflict Looms

The United States Army is facing a recruitment crisis as war tensions escalate in the Middle East. The Army is now looking to recruit unvaccinated soldiers, many of whom were previously kicked out of the military due to Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine policy. It seems like Biden’s vaccine mandates have backfired once again, causing a shortage of troops when we need them the most.

In 2022, the US Army missed its recruiting goal by a whopping 15,000 soldiers, which is about 25% of their target. To address this shortfall, Brig. Gen. Hope Rampy sent a letter to former Army personnel, informing them that they can now rejoin the military. Yes, you read that right. Soldiers who were previously kicked out for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine are now being welcomed back with open arms.

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth has made it clear that unvaccinated soldiers “present risk to the force and jeopardize readiness.” It’s incredibly concerning that our military is scrambling to fill its ranks due to the fiasco of Biden’s vaccine policy. We should be focused on improving our military’s readiness and not dealing with the consequences of misguided mandates.

The Army is implementing various changes in its recruitment strategy, including targeting college graduates and offering bonuses as high as $50,000. But one of the most significant changes is the effort to bring back soldiers who were removed for defying the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The military is now correcting records and even allowing former soldiers to request an honorable, voluntary separation from service.

It’s clear that the Army is desperate for troops, and this situation is a direct result of Biden’s vaccine policy. The guidance from the Army acknowledges the challenges our country faces and recognizes that the skills and talents of prior service members can benefit both individual soldiers and the Army. However, it’s disheartening to see the military in such a predicament because of the misguided decisions made by the current administration.

On top of all this, the Army recently released a recruitment video that seems to have dropped its “inclusiveness and diversity” approach. The video showcases straight white men, which has caused quite a stir among the liberal woke crowd. But let’s be honest, what matters most is recruiting capable soldiers who are ready to defend our country, not checking boxes for political correctness. It’s a shame that the Army had to resort to this after years of progressive brainwashing and purging conservatives from the ranks.

In the face of all these challenges, the United States must stay vigilant and ensure that our military remains strong and prepared to defend our nation. It’s crucial to support our troops and the brave individuals who serve, especially in times of uncertainty. Biden’s vaccine policy blunders should serve as a wake-up call to prioritize our military’s readiness and avoid compromising it for political gains.

Written by Staff Reports

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