Biden on Thin Ice: GOP Targets Year-End Impeachment Unveiling!

House Republicans are making a beeline for impeachment against President Joe Biden. Chairman Jim Jordan of the House Judiciary Committee spilled the beans to Politico, saying that once the depositions of Biden family members and other people involved are complete, they can decide whether or not to proceed with articles of impeachment. The House Oversight Committee has already subpoenaed Biden’s son, Hunter, and his brother, James, for interviews to gain further insight into the alleged foreign business dealings and influence-peddling the family has been accused of.

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy was backed into a corner on this issue, and his failure to take action led to his ousting, led by the strong-willed Representative Matt Gaetz. While the House Freedom Caucus members are pleased with the progress on impeachment, it could upset centrist members, especially those in competitive districts. This is exacerbated by the slim majority that House Republicans possess, which necessitates near-unanimity to move anything forward. One Republican member involved in the Oversight investigation admitted that impeachment puts their Biden people in a bind, as it may politically harm them while appeasing the base.

But an impeachment inquiry based on the available information is expected to face significant challenges in gaining majority support in the House and securing enough votes in the Democratic-led Senate. If the Republicans bring articles against Biden and fail to gather enough support in the House, it could lead to major embarrassment for the party. Additionally, public opinion on impeachment is divided, even though many believe that the actions of the Biden family have been dubious. Recent polls show that most people do not think impeachment of Biden is justified. Looking ahead to the 2024 general election, independents and centrist voters will likely play a crucial role. However, according to an NBC News poll, independents overwhelmingly oppose the House Republicans’ plan to hold impeachment hearings. This could sway the decisions of these voters when it comes to supporting Republicans in upcoming elections.

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