Obama’s Cold Shoulder to Biden: A Tell-Tale Sign of Brewing Rift?

The relationship between former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden has always been an odd fit. Obama, known for his polished speaking ability, has a carefully crafted personality that draws attention. On the other hand, Biden lacks charisma and comes off as dull. This odd couple vibe was highlighted recently when Obama barely mentioned Biden during a speech at a lavish event in Chicago. According to The Washington Post, attendees noticed the “pointed absence of any meaningful cheerleading for Biden.” This lack of support from the supposed patriarch of the Democratic Party is concerning for Biden.

It’s clear that Obama is prioritizing the preservation of his own legacy over supporting Biden. With the current state of Biden’s presidency, it’s no wonder Obama wants to distance himself. It’s hard to find any tangible improvements under Biden’s watch when compared to his predecessor. This lack of accomplishment is a damning assessment of Biden’s presidency. And Obama, being self-obsessed with his own legacy, wants nothing to do with it.

While Obama isn’t openly bashing Biden, his lack of acknowledgment is equally troubling. If the leader of the Democratic Party isn’t even acknowledging you, then that raises major concerns. It seems like Obama is trying to distance himself from a poor presidency, including his own. This relationship between Obama and Biden is far from the strong and supportive bond that we’ve seen in other administrations. It spells bad news for Biden and his struggling presidency.

Written by Staff Reports

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