Veterans Blast Dem Candidate for ‘Stolen Valor’, Demand Apology!

A Democratic congressional candidate in Michigan is under fire from veterans for donning an Army-issued uniform jacket during a Veterans Day event, despite having no military service record. Curtis Hertel, a former Michigan state senator, countered the criticism by asserting that the controversy stemmed from a misunderstanding, explaining that his intention was to demonstrate respect. Nonetheless, an open letter signed by 28 veterans accused Hertel of engaging in "stolen valor" and urged him to issue a public apology and abstain from such actions in the future. The veterans' letter contended that Hertel's choice to wear official military attire created a misleading impression that he had personally served in the Army.

Hertel defended himself by claiming that his brother-in-law, an army major on the brink of retirement, had gifted him the jacket during Christmas. At the same event, veteran Jack Devine, who shared the stage with Hertel, dismissed the criticism as baseless and deemed it ridiculous. It's worth noting that Army regulations explicitly state that the physical fitness uniform is not suitable for parades, reviews, and ceremonies.


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