Bidenomics Failure: US Homelessness Soars, Families Hit Hardest!

Under President Joe Biden's administration, American families are grappling with a decline in their well-being, exacerbated by surging inflation and uncontrolled illegal immigration. A recent report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development highlights a concerning development: homelessness in the United States has reached a record high, soaring by an alarming 12 percent this year.

The report underscores that the most significant increase in homelessness occurred among families with children, rising by 15.5 percent, with unaccompanied youths also experiencing a substantial uptick of 15.3 percent. This 12 percent surge represents the highest one-year jump since the federal government began collecting data in 2007, with an estimated 653,100 people experiencing homelessness on a single night.

Dennis Culhane, a homelessness expert from the University of Pennsylvania, attributes this unprecedented spike in homelessness to the uncontrolled influx of illegal immigration. He emphasizes the impact of the migrant crisis, suggesting that even without it, the increase in homelessness would have been noteworthy but not to this extent. Culhane characterizes the current situation as a "dumpster-fire presidency" under Biden's leadership, pointing to shelters and housing programs being occupied by illegal aliens who have flooded the nation.

Factors such as a shortage of affordable housing and the high cost of rent also contribute to the record homelessness numbers. Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck, making them vulnerable to homelessness with a single crisis. The contention is that taxpayer-funded resources are being redirected to support illegal aliens, leaving American citizens, including families with children, compelled to sleep on the streets.

In a short span, Biden's America has undergone a transformation, marked by rising crime, an influx of unvetted migrant populations, and strains on hardworking taxpayers. Democrat-run cities are depicted as breeding grounds for homelessness, drug use, and rampant crime, with streets marred by human waste and trash. There are concerns that if these trends persist, the entire country may succumb to a tragic self-destruction.

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Written by Staff Reports

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