Vivek’s Shocking Ploy: Sabotaging DeSantis the Real Reason for Election Bid!

A recent ABC report revealed that, before he became a presidential candidate, businessman and philanthropist, Vivek Ramaswamy, wanted to be famous. He said that one of the reasons he wanted to be famous was because of the possible sabotage of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' campaign.

During a call with conservative activists earlier this year, Sriramaswamy discussed his plan to run for president. He noted that his candidacy could affect the chances of Ron DeSantis, who is considering running for office.

It has been widely believed that Ramaswamy's campaign was motivated primarily by his desire to prevent DeSantis from challenging him against former President Trump. I believe this theory aligns with my analysis, as I have already shown my loyalty to Trump and refrained from criticizing him even though he would need to beat Trump to secure the nomination. The question that arises is why he is running?

He noted that he might be running to raise his profile and secure a position in the new administration. On the other hand, he could be trying to help Donald Trump beat Ron DeSantis. This could be the reason why he decided to join the presidential race. DeSantis is expected to address this issue during their upcoming debate.

Critical analysis is needed to determine the intentions and motivations of candidates. The impact of Ramaswamy's candidacy on DeSantis' campaign should be considered, as it could have an effect on the Republican primary race.

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