WATCH: Biden KISSES Pelosi Then Mumbles Through Incoherent Speech

On Tuesday, President Biden made headlines with his inappropriate behavior towards former House speaker Nancy Pelosi in the Rose Garden before his speech about his plan for helping families. The President shocked many as he leaned in and kissed Pelosi on the lips, completely disregarding any form of personal space or respect for others.

Even worse, during his speech, President Biden struggled to read the teleprompter and went off-topic with his jumbled monologue about his plan for helping families. As a result, a Twitter user posted a clip of the speech slamming President Biden, calling out his lack of mental acuity and fitness for office.

The kiss and President Biden’s nonsensical speech has left Americans questioning his ability to serve as a proper leader for our nation. His inappropriate physical contact with women, including young girls, has created concerns about his lack of decorum and the need for proper boundaries.

This is not the first time President Biden has faced accusations of inappropriate touching towards females. As the leader of the free world, he should be held to a higher standard and act accordingly.

It’s time for the President to stop engaging in inappropriate behavior and focus on the critical issues facing our country. Let us hope he can remember that love is not a substitute for leadership when it comes to the vital matters our nation faces. It is vital that we have a leader in the White House who respects both people’s boundaries and their responsibilities.

Written by Staff Reports

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