Trump Proves He’s Still Got It: Earns $4.6 Million in Hours With Latest Release!

Former President Donald J. Trump once again shows he has what it takes to succeed in the free market. With his latest release of digital trading cards, Trump earned a remarkable $4.6 million in just a few hours. The sales briskly flew off the virtual shelves with all 47,000 NFTs selling out at $99 each.

With these impressive numbers, it is clear that the American people have not lost their loyalty to the only president who tirelessly fought for their rights and prosperity. The NFTs are a true testament to the value and demand for Trump’s legacy, which will forever hold a special place in the hearts of his supporters.

Trump’s digital card release is yet another example of his innovative and unorthodox approach to engaging with the people. Not only is he a true leader, but he is also an excellent businessman who continues to break records and set the bar high for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Despite the mainstream media’s attempts to downplay Trump’s success, they cannot ignore the facts. Even with the popularity of NFTs decreasing, Trump’s trading cards still managed to sell out at a record pace. This is further proof that no matter what obstacle is thrown his way, Trump’s loyal supporters will always be there to support him.

In conclusion, Donald J. Trump continues to show why he is a true visionary and a master of the free market. His resilience and success are unparalleled, and the American people can only hope for his return to public office. Trump’s accomplishments with the digital trading cards prove that he has what it takes to make America great again, and he will always be the champion of the people!

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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