WATCH: Biden’s Press Sec. Gets Confronted By NYT Reporter

During the press briefing, KJP was forced to face off against an unlikely opponent: The New York Times.

Usually, KJP would only respond to softball questions with short written answers. However, a liberal outlet managed to get in touch with her and ask some more difficult questions.

According to Newsbusters, Michael Shear of the New York Times asked KJP a series of tough questions about the midterm election results. He pressed her on the issue that despite the president's actions, Democrats were still able to win.

The reporter asked KJP if the president's actions led to the Democrats' victory in the midterms and whether that was a fair assessment.

A new report has revealed how badly KJP is doing her job.

The national review gave KJP a poor rating, calling her the current press secretary for Joe Biden's administration "just terrible." Despite being a Democrat, Jen Psaki managed to do a good job.

KJP was able to make the numerous failures of the Biden administration feel less devastating. Even though she made several banal statements, she would never finish a sentence without referencing her notebook.

In September, New York Post's David Marcus wrote about KJP's problematic relationship with the truth. He found it unsurprising that people disliked her due to her ideological content. On the other hand, progressives and conservatives disliked McEnany because she made partisan arguments for her ideas and policies. Even though both McEnany and Psaki had above-average abilities, Jean-Pierre struggled to do the essential tasks of her job.

There are numerous clips online where KJP refuses to answer simple questions, makes a mistake about the truth, or reads from a piece of paper while struggling with her answers. It's clear that KJP cannot perform her job and as a country, we have a bunch of children running it.

During her press briefing, KJP repeatedly made excuses for the Biden economy and claimed that the president is not doing enough to address the country's problems.

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