WATCH: Democrat Arrested With Crack Pipe While Driving

In Rhode Island, yet another Democratic politician has encountered legal issues. Matthew R. Reilly, a Cranston City Council member, made the decision to resign from his position this week after a shocking incident that took place on Monday. In response to distress calls, the police discovered Reilly unconscious and struggling to breathe while seated behind the wheel of his car. However, the situation became even more unsettling when authorities allegedly found Reilly in possession of a crack pipe upon their arrival. Yes, it’s true, ladies and gentlemen – a member of the Democratic Party, the very party that claims to champion the concerns of the less fortunate, was caught red-handed with drug paraphernalia.

The officers’ bodycam footage captured at the scene paints an even more alarming picture. Upon further examination of Reilly’s vehicle, crack cocaine was discovered inside, leading him to later admit that he had purchased $100 worth of the drug the day before and had smoked it “earlier.” He explained to the officer that he was returning from court at the time. So, not only was he smoking drugs while operating a vehicle, but he was also under the influence while representing his constituents in court.

If you think that this shocking news would lead Democrats to call for Reilly’s impeachment, think again. City Council President Jessica Marino appealed to Reilly to resign “for his own well-being, the well-being of his family, and the well-being of the city as a whole.” Marino further expressed that Reilly’s personal welfare was her top priority. Can you imagine? Democrats seem more focused on supporting an individual struggling with substance abuse than prioritizing the safety of their constituents.

Republican mayor Kenneth J. Hopkins also urged Reilly to resign, hoping it would enable the councilman to concentrate on his personal well-being and that of his family. This is what true leaders do – they prioritize the best interests of their constituents, even when it involves holding one of their own accountable.

Initially, Reilly, who has been charged with the misdemeanor of unlawful possession of crack cocaine/fentanyl, stepped down as the chair of the Cranston Republican Party but had not yet resigned from his seat on the city council. However, upon reflection, Reilly submitted his letter of resignation, bringing closure to a challenging week for our city. Hopkins commended this decision, stating that it allows our local government leaders to move forward without the distraction of this unfortunate personal matter involving one of our council members. Finally, we witness a wise decision from a Democratic politician – a rare sight indeed!

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