Watchdog Warns Dems May Swap Biden for Clinton as 2024 Heats Up

Election integrity watchdogs are sounding the alarm as they foresee the Democrats scrambling to replace Sleepy Joe Biden faster than he could say “malarkey.” The Oversight Project, under the Heritage Foundation’s umbrella, reports that Biden’s mental and physical stumbles, including the oh-so-dignified “continence” issues, might prompt the Dems to bring in a ringer. And who better to swoop in than the ever-resilient Hillary Clinton?

The legal eagles at the Oversight Project smell a rat and have their eyes peeled. They reckon Thursday’s debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump could be the final nail in Biden’s political coffin. They’re not just sitting back and letting the Democrats rip up state election laws either. These guys are gearing up for some pre-election litigation to put a stop to any hocus-pocus from the White House or the DNC.

Whispers among the Democrat ranks suggest they’d like Biden to step aside, but old Joe is hanging on tighter than a tick. State polls indicate a hankering for younger blood to tackle Trump, with even a third of Democrats wanting Biden booted out if he tanks the debate.

Mike Howell, the man with the plan over at the Oversight Project, is issuing DEFCON level warnings about a Democrat shake-up. According to him, the Dems are stuck with Biden since he’s already waltzed past primary deadlines and onto the ballots. But if one glances at the recent maneuvers of Hillary Clinton—a book release with a mystery political warning and her becoming a regular surrogate—it looks like she’s ready to lace up her gloves.

Howell’s got a hot list of Biden blunders, from his Zombie-mode freeze at a Juneteenth bash to his impromptu Italian walkabout during the G7 summit. Social media’s lit up like a Christmas tree over Biden’s incontinence rumors. Howell doesn’t mince words, pointing out that the crescendo of Biden’s public slip-ups will eventually become too heavy a cross for the Dems to bear.

Making a legal switcheroo isn’t going to be a walk in the park either, Howell warns. From tangled state laws to election integrity crises, replacing Biden could turn the 2024 race into a sticky, legal quagmire. The Oversight Project is holding the line, making sure the law is upheld and readying for a scrap. The Democrats might fancy swapping their horse midstream, but rest assured, conservatives are prepared for the ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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