Watters Slams NY AG’s Trump Obsession: What About Real NYC Crime?

Fox News host Jesse Watters tore into Letitia James, the New York attorney general, for going after former President Donald Trump in a $350 million real estate case. Watters made it crystal clear that James had no business sense, unlike Trump, and lambasted her for neglecting important issues like street crime and white-collar crime in New York City. According to Watters, James and her buddy Alvin Bragg were too busy punishing innocent bodega owners instead of tackling the real problems plaguing the city. Watters also pointed out the mass exodus of businesses and residents from New York under James’ watch.

During a heated exchange on “The Five,” liberal Jessica Tarlov faced off against Watters and fellow host Greg Gutfeld. Tarlov tried to discredit Trump with claims of inflating assets, sexual assault allegations, and mishandling documents, but Watters wasn’t having it. With Watters and former judge Jeanine Pirro dismissing Tarlov’s arguments and Gutfeld poking fun at her deflections, it was a classic showdown of conservative versus liberal viewpoints. The discussion even touched on Trump’s legal troubles, with Tarlov insisting on Trump’s guilt in a civil trial, only to be shut down by the conservative hosts.

President Trump, undeterred by the legal battles looming over him, confidently declared at a South Carolina event that his future success would overshadow any legal troubles. Trump hinted at a potential second term as President, brushing off the ongoing criminal trials initiated by the Biden Justice Department. With his trademark bravado, Trump seemed unfazed by the legal challenges, suggesting that victory in the courtroom was nothing compared to his political ambitions.

In the conservative view, Letitia James and her ilk represent everything wrong with the liberal establishment – obsessed with attacking Trump instead of addressing real issues. The heated debate on “The Five” showcased the ideological clash between conservatives like Watters and Gutfeld and liberals like Tarlov. And as President Trump defiantly looks towards the future, conservatives remain steadfast in their support, dismissing the legal battles as mere hindrances on his path to success. To them, Trump’s resilience in the face of adversity is a testament to his unwavering commitment to conservative principles.

Written by Staff Reports

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