White House Blocks Bipartisan Ethics Bill Targeting Biden Family

The Hill revealed that a bipartisan ethics bill aimed at increasing transparency for presidents’ financial dealings faced a potential roadblock when the White House raised concerns about the Biden family’s shady business practices. The bill would have required the Bidens to disclose information about loans made to family members and any potentially questionable use of official resources for personal gain.

Interestingly, even though the Pravda press’s “fact checkers” tried to downplay Joe Biden’s remarks about selling state secrets as a joke, the timing of the White House’s hesitation raised eyebrows. It’s becoming harder to distinguish between Biden’s “senior moments” and actual ethical lapses.

Representatives Katie Porter and James Comer united across party lines to push the bill forward, garnering enough support. However, the bill hit a snag when three Democratic lawmakers suddenly withdrew their backing, with rumors swirling that the White House had intervened.

Democrats Raja Krishnamoorthi, Kweisi Mfume, and Ro Khana reneged on their support, with two even denying direct contact with the White House before reversing course. The bill’s implications, particularly for the Biden family embroiled in controversies like Hunter Biden’s recent firearm and substance abuse issues, were clear.

As the episode unfolded, the stark contrast in media treatment between Hunter Biden and, say, former President Trump’s son was glaring. While Trump’s family faced public scrutiny with immediate mugshots, Hunter Biden’s legal troubles seemed to receive a more discreet handling.

Written by Staff Reports

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