White House Defends Biden’s Stamina Amid Press Grilling Over Energy Levels

Tensions ignited at the White House Press briefing as Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced questions about President Joe Biden’s energy levels. A lighthearted moment took a turn when a reporter jokingly questioned if Biden would be awake enough to answer questions in person, prompting backlash from some and deemed “inappropriate” by Jean-Pierre.

The incident came on the heels of Biden’s recent debate with former President Donald Trump, where Biden admitted to feeling fatigued and even joked about almost falling asleep on stage due to his hectic schedule that included trips to Europe. Reports indicated that Biden’s debate preparation was cut short by two days so he could rest at home in Delaware and take afternoon naps during rehearsals at Camp David.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates clarified that Biden begins his daily routine early, incorporating morning exercise, despite the late start to his debate preparations. However, Biden openly acknowledged his exhaustion at a fundraiser, admitting to not listening to his staff and experiencing jet lag from his international travels.

Jean-Pierre addressed concerns about Biden’s health, attributing his hoarse voice to a cold and emphasizing his dedication to advocating for his agenda despite feeling unwell at times. While Biden’s occasional lapses in public appearances have sparked worries, White House officials maintain his excellent health and positive interactions with advisers. 


Criticism from former President Trump over Biden’s performance and observations of a change in Biden’s demeanor have fueled speculations about his stamina. As Biden’s engagements with the press have decreased subtly, his team continues to defend his health while acknowledging moments of exhaustion and lapses in memory.

Written by Staff Reports

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