White House Denies Biden Parkinson’s Rumors Amid Neurologist Visits

The White House is in full damage control mode once again, flatly denying any speculation that President Joe Biden is being treated for Parkinson’s disease. This deflection comes after a specialist reportedly frequently appeared on the executive campus’s visitor logs. The administration’s game of dodgeball with the press continues to leave many Americans scratching their heads.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the ever-evasive press secretary, took center stage to shut down any talk of Biden’s alleged Parkinson’s treatment. No surprise here. It’s the usual script: deny, deflect, and confuse. Jean-Pierre’s refusal to confirm the nature of Dr. Kevin Cannard’s multiple visits to the White House stokes the fire of suspicion even more. This is a neurologist from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, with a particular focus on Parkinson’s disease—conveniently visiting the executive compound at least eight times in as many months.

Biden’s recent cavalier attitude about not taking a cognitive test only fuels the fire. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos didn’t even get a flinch out of Biden when he flat-out refused such an assessment. According to Jean-Pierre, the president has apparently only seen a neurologist three times since taking office, once during each annual physical. Sounds like a classic case of trying to downplay why a Parkinson’s specialist is making frequent house calls.

Jean-Pierre didn’t help her case when she found herself backpedaling after telling reporters Biden hadn’t seen the White House physician following a debate, only for the president to contradict her the same day while talking to donors. Apparently, we must now decipher the difference between a medical “check-up” and a “check-in,” which Biden supposedly has “a couple times a week.” The smoke and mirrors are almost impressive.

In an attempt to throw a bone at the media, Jean-Pierre confirmed that Biden tested negative for COVID-19 after second gentleman Doug Emhoff tested positive. Her “reassurance,” however, does nothing to quell the growing concerns about Biden’s health and the White House’s obfuscation regarding the president’s medical treatment. The American people deserve transparency, not more bureaucratic double-talk.

Written by Staff Reports

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