White House Dismisses New Video Showing Biden’s Cognitive Struggles

The latest video capturing Joe Biden’s struggles with cognitive decline is once again dismissed by the White House as a “cheap fake.” The administration seems determined to convince the public that what they see isn’t real, despite the mounting evidence of Biden’s mental slips.

From awkward moments at official events to troubling incidents during international summits and even fundraisers, Joe Biden’s episodes are hard to ignore. The video in question shows Biden struggling to get into an SUV, with special shoes and assistance from a Secret Service agent. How can the White House explain away such visible challenges?

During a tribute event for Barack Obama’s DACA program, Biden stumbled over the name of his Homeland Security Secretary, a concerning display of forgetfulness. When pressed about Biden’s cognitive fitness, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged the questions, deflecting with generic responses.

Despite efforts to label videos as “cheap fakes,” the truth remains plain to see for many Americans. As more incidents come to light, it becomes increasingly difficult for the White House to downplay concerns about Biden’s mental acuity. The attempts to scrub these videos from the internet only fuel suspicions that there’s more to the story.

Written by Staff Reports

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