White House Dodges Tough Questions: Biden’s Team Handles It All

The latest White House debacle, also known as Tuesday’s press briefing, wasn’t much better than the previous day’s circus. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre continued to dance around the real issues, this time pulling out the age-old excuse about President Joe Biden’s team. It seems that whenever Biden’s capacity to lead is questioned, the fallback answer is that a mysterious “team” is doing the heavy lifting.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy brought up the million-dollar question about Biden’s mental sharpness and his tendency to joke about it. Doocy’s line of questioning was cut short by Jean-Pierre, who as usual, insisted that Biden was merely joking when he mentioned his cognitive peak being before 8:00 PM. Apparently, she’s under the impression that the American public can’t differentiate between a joke and a worrying admission.

The dodging tactics continued when Doocy asked how Biden would handle a crisis late at night, for instance, if the Pentagon detects an incoming nuke at 11:00 PM. Jean-Pierre’s less-than-reassuring answer was that Biden has a team to handle such situations. One wonders if the President’s famed team also serves as his personal alarm clock.

Doocy further probed the involvement of First Lady Jill Biden in presidential meetings, prompting Jean-Pierre to brusquely deny any decision-making role for her. This sounds rather unconvincing given that former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and others have noted her presence in significant meetings. The effort to depict Jill Biden as merely a supportive spouse rather than an active participant is failing spectacularly.

The real fireworks came when Doocy brought Hunter Biden into the equation. Despite the President’s previous claims that he and Hunter don’t conduct business together, Hunter’s presence in White House meetings during July 4th seemed to concern several aides. Jean-Pierre’s attempt to brush off these concerns by stating the importance of family gatherings on Independence Day doesn’t hold much water.

Representative Ro Khanna’s reassurance that Biden has an extraordinary team to compensate for his deficiencies only adds fuel to the fire of doubt surrounding Biden’s competency. It’s not unreasonable for Representative Chip Roy to call for the Vice President to invoke the 25th Amendment when Biden’s ability to perform his duties is constantly under question. After all, America didn’t sign up for a committee-style presidency.

All this evasion and reliance on a vague team speak volumes. The nation isn’t looking for a leader who needs constant back-up just to get through the day. It’s evident that the American people are increasingly unsettled by this administration’s reliance on a mysteriously capable “team” rather than on the President himself.

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